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Our clinic offers comprehensive dental care of premium quality, all conveniently located in one place.

To ensure the best care for you, we have chosen to be a private clinic without contracts with insurance companies. However, we believe you will love us for our quality and pleasant atmosphere, where you'll forget for a moment that you're at the dentist. Try it out and see for yourself; we offer a free initial consultation!

For our regular clients, we have prepared advantageous packages that provide year-round prevention and discounts on other procedures based on a flat fee. We would be happy to provide more information personally, ensuring that we have found the best solution for you.

Dental Treatment Price List

Valid from December 1, 2023

1 600 CZK
Preventive Check-up
1 350 CZK
Expert Consultation up to 30 minutes
1 600 CZK
Digital X-ray (radiograph of a single tooth)
460 CZK
Digital OPG image (radiograph of the complete dentition)
920 CZK
Analgesic Sedation
13 200 CZK
Dental Caries Treatment – Photocomposite (white) Filling
starting at 2 990 CZK
Mechanical Root Canal Treatment (per canal)
starting at 2 800 CZK
Simple Extraction
2 200 CZK
Complex Extraction
4 500 CZK
Wisdom Teeth Extraction
5 500 CZK
Implant Placement
22 700 CZK
Metal-Ceramic Crown
12 400 CZK
All-Ceramic/Zirconium Crown
18 100 CZK
All-Ceramic Inlay
14 100 CZK
Ceramic Veneer - VENEER E.max®
18 000 CZK
Initial Dental Hygiene
2 150 CZK
Recall – Follow-up Visit within 7 Months
1 750 CZK
Dental Hygiene - Children under 12 Years
1 250 CZK
Home Whitening
6 000 CZK
Combined Whitening
14 000 CZK
Application of Dental Jewelry
1 200 CZK
Subgingival Treatment incl. Hybenx
4 100 CZK

Payment Methods

All services can be paid for in cash, by card, or with an immediate payment using a QR code. Currently, our clinic does not have a contract with any health insurance company.

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For your first visit, you can book through the order form, by telephone, or through our online reservation system. Then our receptionist will contact you to introduce what you can expect during your visit to our Elysee clinic.

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