About the Clinic

Elysee Dental Clinic offers superior dental care that includes a wide range of services from preventive check-ups to emergency dental services.

We provide individual and comprehensive care tailored to the needs of each client. Therefore, we strive to create an environment with a pleasant atmosphere, empathetic approach, and without unpleasant experiences during treatment. At the same time, we endeavor to ensure that our clients are confident of receiving the highest possible quality of services with a short waiting time.

Why choose Élysée Clinic?

Comprehensive Care

With the most modern equipment and a team of experts, we specialize in a wide range of dental treatments, from preventive care to aesthetic dentistry and emergency services.

Time Saving

With us, you don't have to wait long for appointments, and we plan all procedures efficiently. We can schedule your dental hygiene and preventive examination for the same appointment.

Treatment Without Waiting

We know how to plan our work. The scheduled appointment is binding for us, so you won't lose a minute by unnecessary waiting with us.

Services with a Guarantee

We provide a guarantee and assurance of immediate rectification with a short waiting time for our services.

Individual Approach

Each client is unique to us. Together with our dentists, you will set your treatment plan, which will help you achieve a healthy and radiant smile.

Comfort and Convenience

With us, you will feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your visit. From the registration itself, a personal assistant will be assigned to you, who will be available to address your problems and needs.

How does it work with us?


Making an Appointment

For your first visit, you can make an appointment through the order form, by phone, or through an online reservation system.

Book an Appointment

Contacting the Client

You won't be left without a response for long; we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss the details of your first visit together.


First Visit to the Dentist and Developing a Treatment Plan

Upon entering our clinic, a receptionist will welcome you and explain everything you can expect during your first visit. Our dentist will conduct a check-up, and together you will figure out how to proceed with the treatment.


Planning the Schedule of the Treatment Plan

Together with our receptionist, you will create a schedule for the treatment plan and choose a service package that best suits your needs.


Sending a Reminder for the Treatment Appointment

You don’t have to worry about forgetting your treatment appointment; we will remind you of it.