Dental hygiene and teeth whitening

Regular daily dental hygiene can't provide the level of care our teeth deserve to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. Therefore, dental hygiene is an integral part of dental prevention, which helps keep the teeth naturally clean, free of dental caries and tartar.

Price from 2 150 CZK

Dental hygiene includes:

  • Removal of dental plaque and tartar
  • Teeth cleaning with AIRFLOW method (sandblasting)
  • Recommendation of procedures for home care and development of a treatment plan

At the initial treatment, we will recommend the right dental tools for improving daily hygiene and find a suitable home care procedure. During subsequent visits, we will just check the condition of your teeth and proceed to clean off the tartar.

What is AIRFLOW?

AIRFLOW, or dental sandblasting, is one of the modern methods of dental hygiene that can remove ‘soft’ deposits, food residues, bacteria, or pigment stains from coffee from the teeth. AIRFLOW is performed using a sandblasting gun and a special powder.

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