Dental implants and replacements

Are you missing a tooth or part of your dentition and need to restore a healthy and radiant smile?

Dental implants and replacements are the right choice for you. Currently, implantation is the only method of restoring the integrity of the dentition that does not affect the other teeth of the patient. Dental implantation is the most efficient technology for replacing lost teeth with artificial ones. In some cases, when there is a lack of bone for a dental implant, removable replacements are used.

Price from* 19 000 CZK * The price is only indicative. The exact price will be provided by the doctor during the initial examination.

Our clinic is equipped with high-quality dental implants and replacements from world brands, which are much more reliable and aesthetic. As a result, it is almost impossible to distinguish the implant from the natural tooth.

Advantages of Installing Implants and Replacements at Élysée Clinic

  • We have digitally guided implantology with CBCT 3D X-ray
  • We save your time – dental replacements (crowns) are made in our own laboratory using patented CEREC technology.
  • Augmentation procedures are completely painless.
  • We offer dental implants from world manufacturers Straumann, Camlog, Nobel
  • We provide a lifetime warranty on installed implants.

If interested, book a consultation where our doctors will attend to you.

It is important to realize that the choice of the right type of dental replacement should be individually assessed by a dentist to ensure the best solution for the specific patient. Maintenance and care of dental replacements are also important to keep them functional and comfortable as long as possible.

Fixed Dental Replacements
Removable Dental Replacements
Hybrid Dental Replacements