Microscopic endodontics

Don't know what Microscopic Endodontics or examination under a microscope is?

It involves cleaning the tooth's root canals when an infection has penetrated into the tooth pulp and thus the entire root system. The main goal of endodontic treatment is the careful removal of the infected area, thorough cleaning, and subsequent filling and sealing of the tooth.

Price from 2 800 CZK

Treatment under the microscope includes these phases:

  • ensuring optimal conditions for access to the root canals
  • mechanical and chemical processing of the pulp cavity and root canals
  • filling the resulting cavity inside the root with a suitable material

More information about Microscopic Endodontics:

At Élysée Clinic, we use an operating microscope for maximum treatment success. Thanks to this technology, we can find and clear the root system, which could not be revealed without significant magnification. Quality cleaning of the canals prevents the spread of inflammation to surrounding tissues and adjacent teeth. After treatment, the tooth can be retained and function well without problems for many more years.

For endodontic treatment, we use local anesthesia to suppress all pain during the procedure, so the client has no fear of the performance. There can be a variety of causes for pulp inflammation, but dental caries remain the most common. The most effective way to prevent disease is regular daily prevention. Therefore, do not underestimate preventive check-ups and schedule them regularly.”

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